Video - TDU - Maserati GranSport (old1) - test-run for guide ( The_Seeker1982 )

Videa Maserati Gransport TDU - Maserati GranSport (old1) - test-run for guide ( The_Seeker1982 )

TDU - Maserati GranSport (old1) - test-run for guide ( The_Seeker1982 )

Performance-Guide for TDU: English - Deutsch - Maserati GranSport in "test run" on MP-Track "May The Best Man Win" (located on Oahu Raceway) managed time: 1:38,12 (min/sek/fractions) - assumedly impossible to improve on given controller/settings Controller: Logitech G25 (set on 185° steering-range) Settings/Configuration TDU: normal mode, clutch on pedal, manual clutch+gearbox, H-Gearbox activated, driving-aids on "hypersport", (1lap + standing start as to see) Video was originally recorded with (free) unregistered GameCam V2.2 - so I only could do 45sec of constant recording. So I had to record the replay in pieces, therefor I used the pause-button in TDU. Additional in unregistered version is no sound-recording available. So I merged the resulting 3 vids in Windows Movie Maker together, were I also added some proper sound /music) Then GameCam seems to work properly, I supposly buy a registered version, so I can do more sophisticated vids then this. Due to copyrights maybe the last video I upload with music/sound. I don't know if it will be tolerated by the MusicCompany(s) (Universal Music Group aka UMG) if upload all my stuff with "their" music... (dispite I owned it and do non-commercial) Test Drive Unlimited (by Atari/Eden 2006/2007)

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