Video - RARE Red Maserati Grancabrio and Bentley Continental GTC Combo!!!

Videa Maserati GranCabrio RARE Red Maserati Grancabrio and Bentley Continental GTC Combo!!!

RARE Red Maserati Grancabrio and Bentley Continental GTC Combo!!!

This was one of the last videos I took on my trip to Florida. I went out to eat with my father in Marco Island, Florida because our flight was delayed and when we pulled in I saw this two beauties parked right next to each other. The real exciting part about this combo was that this was NOT valet! The owners parked next to each other on purpose! This was also my first red Grancabrio! I really like it too! This Grancabrio was also BRAND NEW. It was very clean and still had temporary tags on it! There was also a Cadillac XLR-V in the parking lot and a Corvette C6 Z06 across the street. You can't see the Corvette but you can see the XLR.Don't forget to comment, rate and subscribe for more car videos! I sub back!! TAGS: BMW M5 Acceleration Lamborghini Gallardo LP640 LP670-SV Mercielago Diablo Ferrari 360 430 Scuderia Modena 458 Italia Accelerating V8 V10 V12 Enzo Bugatti Veyron Maserati GranTurismo Aston Martin DBS Volante F1 Track Fast 200MPH black audi r8 and ferrari 355 fi in Sweden Pagani Zonda C12, Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Murcielago v12 nitro superfast review ascari a10 lp640 roadster zonda f c12s grand turismo 5 prologue top gear mclaren concept audi r8 v12 tdi concept 2008 2012 xbox gta iv 4 latest fastest car top speed miura concept gallardo spyder spider f430 fxx maserati mc12xx mc 12xx sweden extremely fast v12 v8 xbox 360ps3 play station 3 4 corevette zr1 cheverolet dodge challenger concept saleen s7 twin turbo db9r top gear fastest 007 ...

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