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Mc Ren feat Ice Cube-Comin after you

Lyrics to Comin' After You : (feat. Ice Cube) [MC Ren] In case you didn't know my flows grows for sure I'm makin sure you niggaz don't try me no mo' Weak shit you talkin and I'm surprised it's sellin Ruthless self niggaz full of felon's who the fuck you tellin Braggin bout money where that shit be at after videos all that shit we never see that Bitches with big asses blunts and big cars Shot callin niggaz pissy drunk in them tittie bars Ren assasinatin, all of these Wack ass rappin niggaz that say they sellin keys And fuckin hoes and smokin a million blunts a day Shooting a hundred niggaz and saying he walked away without a scratch Some Rambo shit side a head Livin with yo' mama talkin bout a hundred grand Nigga please, who the fuck you think you talkin to Real niggaz comin after you, we after you [Chorus x2] You fake ass ballers who we talkin to (We comin) Lyin on records bout what you do (We comin) The shit y'all doin is played out and through (We comin) You come with that shit we come after you [Ice Cube] It's the Don Daddy with the Villain, who you killin Oh we hate em, come verbatim with this cap peelin Top billin, make a million Paparazzi, chase us through the tunnel in the Maserati Now they got me on Hard Copy didn't have to shoot Versace Yet you still wanna watch me Motherfuckers wait they whole fuckin life and aday Hopin that we can reunite NWA All purpose, try to serve us, gettin nervous, mo' murders Shit can just turn into the service Standin over the carcass ...

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