Video - Maserati Quattroporte With Modified Exhaust

Videa Maserati Quattroporte Maserati Quattroporte With Modified Exhaust

Maserati Quattroporte With Modified Exhaust

This is an interesting result. I rented a lift from a local shop and only had 1 hour to complete an X-Pipe install. Unbeknownst to me this exhaust is very time consuming to work on (read: pain in the ass). I only managed to get one straight pipe off the damn car. So this is the current status - missing 1 straight pipe. Essentially it is an open xpipe, but the other pipe on the xpipe still runs back to the muffler. I was quite surprised by the sound, and really like it, so I decided to record some clips. No doubt, this logitech camera does not adequately capture the sound of the exhaust, but it gives you an idea at least.

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