Video - Maserati Merak SS in action!!

Videa Maserati Merak Maserati Merak SS in action!!

Maserati Merak SS in action!!

I recently had the chance to film this awesome, and very rare, Maserati Merak SS in action on some nice back roads. While I was taking some shots for the owner's youtube channel, I also was able to get some nice footage of my own! In addition to the Merak, there are also a couple shots of a nice motorcycle in the end because... why not? ;) Some of the first shots aren't the greatest- I was trying to avoid zooming in on the license plate, so please forgive the less-than-perfect shots... I will be getting even more footage of this awesome car tomorrow, so expect some nice footage of the interior, exterior and sound! An onboard video from yesterday's shoot will also be uploaded, so stay tuned! :) Thanks so much for watching! Hope you enjoy the vid! Web site: Blog

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