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Videa Maserati Merak Maserati History - Market Maserati - Part 02

Maserati History - Market Maserati - Part 02

At the Paris Fair in 1966 debuted Mexico a coupe for four, derived from a single model, built on the platform of the GT 5000 for the Mexican President Lopez Mateos. The Mexico was available with two engines. Ghibli, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, designer of the running blocks, was one of the jewels of Maserati in the sixties, like Indy as well, an elegant four-seater coupe with sleek body by Vignale, launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 1969. It was proposed with three different engines. In 1971 Citroen fully acquired Maserati from the Orsi family. The tangible result of the relationship between these two brands was the Citroën SM, equipped with powerful 6-cylinder Maserati engine and produced until 1975. The entrance of Citroen allowed Maserati to develop new products including Merak with central rear engine, an evolution of the previous Bora, Maserati's first car with the engine in the rear. In 1973 Khamsin appeared at the Geneva Motor Show, designed by Bertone and last car created by Giulio Alfieri Maserati's head of production. The oil crisis of the early 70a, forced Citroen to sell Maserati in 1975 to co-management between the Argentinian Alejandro de Tomaso and GEPI that aimed to relaunch the company. In 1979 came on the market the new model of the Quattroporte, that became the car of president Sandro Pertini. Giugiaro, the owner of Italdesdign, was to draw the line. It was offered with two engines of 4200 and of 4900 cc of displacement ...

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