Video - Maserati Gransport Racecar INSANE Sound!

Videa Maserati Gransport Maserati Gransport Racecar INSANE Sound!

Maserati Gransport Racecar INSANE Sound!

Facebook: Twitter: Google+: This one has to be for sure the loudest Maserati I have ever seen! I have filmed a few insanely loud Maserati Gransport Trofeo racecars driving around Imola. Video shows them starting up multiple times, revving and accelerating and flying by on track. Turn up the speakers! Technical data - Maserati Gransport Trofeo Engine - 4.2L V8 with 425hp Performance - 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) acceleration in less than 4.5s, top speed over 285km/h (177mph) Curb weight - 1340kg Marchettino Facebook page: Marchettino Google+ page: Marchettino Twitter page:

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