Video - Maserati Gran Turismo S - Stinger DSi Installation

Videa Maserati Granturismo Maserati Gran Turismo S - Stinger DSi Installation

Maserati Gran Turismo S - Stinger DSi Installation

A Stunning BRAND SPANKING NEW Red Maserati Gran Turismo S gets fitted up with the worlds best Safety Camera alert system. Having owned the car for less than 20 hours and covering only 160miles on the odometer the owner brought this superb piece of Italian master-craft to the Dalco workshop for some electronic enhancements. It received the Ultimate in High-End Safety Camera Alert Technology involving Bespoke installation of the Laser Detectors and Stinger DSi Display. Should the user encounter a nearby School, Accident Blackspot or Sneaky hidden speed trap the Stinger DSi will provide an audible and visual alert if the current speed is above the legal limit. The Stinger DSi is at the forefront of Driver Safety Promotion. Drive Safe People - Driving Safer with the STINGER DSi !!

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