Videa Maserati Ghibli MASERATI GHIBLI


You can see we have colour coded the intake manifold and the rocker covers, and had new polished aluminium pipes specially made for it. We fitted twin racing air filters and had new silicone hoses made. The car's exhaust system was made by an F1 exhaust specialist who created a straight through system to which we fitted two twin 3.5" pipes on either side of the new rear bumper. The lights you see here are Honda S2000 rear lamps. We fabricated new bodywork around them and the tailgate has been de-locked and de-badged apart from the central badge (to keep the essence of the original car running through the project). It is running on 19" split rims from ANTERA with low profile TOYO tyres fitted 8.5" wide at the front to a huge 11.5" wide at the rear. We used specially made billet aluminium hub adaptors at the rear and reworked the original hubs at the front to fit them nice and snug. We wanted to create a wild look on this car without detracting from the cars original lines, this is why we left the cars standard headlamps in place. The front bumper we made only helps to accentuate the cars original features, yet by building a power bulge into the bonnet we feel it has a more aggressive look. Being made of fibreglass the bonnet is now less than a quarter of the original weight!! (Which was a lot!) We have also made a rear wing for this car from fibreglass, and as you can see from this picture taken at Santa Pod raceway USC show, it finishes the look off a treat ... most ...




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