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ItaliaspeedTV - Maserati GranCabrio official launch Thailand

Maserati's latest model, the stylish, four-seat GranCabrio, has just arrived in Thailand, its official launch coming during an exclusive party held in the immaculate grounds of the Italian Ambassador's private residence in the capital city, Bangkok. The appearance of the GranCabrio extends the Trident's range to three models; it slots neatly in alongside the Quattroporte sedan and GranTurismo coupé, and with its lavish styling by the brand's ever-reliable designer Pininfarina, the dashing new convertible can be said to perfectly fuse the brand's long-held traditions of sportiness, elegance and luxury. Empire Motor Sport Co. Ltd. is the exclusive authorised importer for Thailand and for the last two years the company has been busy working to reestablish the Trident name in this market where the most prestigious European brands are held in the highest regard; last year the importer launched the GranTurismo, and the arrival this week of the GranCabrio, which received its world premi

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