Video - FIRST yellow Ferrari FF in Belgium !

Videa Maserati 222 FIRST yellow Ferrari FF in Belgium !

FIRST yellow Ferrari FF in Belgium !

yd222 recorded the first Giallo Modena Ferrari FF in Belgium. The car was deliverd at FMA Antwerp in Wijnegem and yd222 made an overview of this brand new FF. The interior was black with red stitching. Next to the yellow FF was a GranTurismo S and two other Ferrari FF. Enjoy! Power: 660 bhp Torque: 683 Nm at 6000 rpm Topspeed: 335 km/h Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3,7 seconds Weight: 1790 kg Color: Giallo Modena Wheels: standard black metallic wheels with Giallo Modena brake calipers Interior: black interior with red stitchings SUBSCRIBE for more exclusive car videos ! - Like our facebook page -

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