Video - Ferrari and Maserati EuroSunday -- June 2008

Videa Maserati 430 Ferrari and Maserati EuroSunday -- June 2008

Ferrari and Maserati EuroSunday -- June 2008

Ferrari and Maserati EuroSunday June 2008 event in Sacramento california with a bit of Niko Bellic. EuroSunday© is open to the community and local car clubs. The event was originally ignited by some local Sacramento Ferrari owners and has grown to include all types of European vehicles. The event has a wide range of cars and motorcycles from the classic Morgan, MG, Ducati, Aston Martin, and Fiat all the way to the Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Ford GT. EuroSunday is geared towards the super, exotic, rare, and vintage vehicles. These events give the owners a venue to share their cars and motorcycles with those who rarely see such vehicles on the road. We welcome all enthusiasts no matter what they drive (Euro or not) to come out and participate. This is an open invitation to all who can respect the location, the attendees, the vehicles, our codes of conduct, and the law.

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