Video - chrome Maserati Quattroporte SPORT GT

Videa Maserati Quattroporte chrome Maserati Quattroporte SPORT GT

chrome Maserati Quattroporte SPORT GT

Finally, I saw this car in the wild. It was really sunny that day, which is kind of perfect for a chrome-wrapped Maserati Quattroporte SPORT GT with black rims (even though they're rather ugly, IMO). The final effect is pretty intense, although the wrapping job is very badly done, as you can see in the video (or maybe it's because it's been there a long time under the harsh parisian weather?)... About those plates = they are diplomatic plates from Saudi Arabia (notice the palm trees and the sword?), although the usual CD plates aren't like this (yellow on green). So I guess they're some kind of customized diplomatic plates for them or something... ********************************************************* Follow me on Facebook : Visit my blog : ********************************************************* Enjoy! - ALEX

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