Video - Black Maserati GranCabrio - Walkaround, Pictures

Videa Maserati GranCabrio Black Maserati GranCabrio - Walkaround, Pictures

Black Maserati GranCabrio - Walkaround, Pictures

Now in Dealerships, i've seen a lot of these GranCabrios. All looking great. But i had never seen one actually on the Road, until now! The GranCabrio, by Maserati, is essentially the Cabriolet version of the GranTurismo. In fact to be more precise, it's the Cabriolet version of the GranTurismo S Automatic, having the same transmission and the same 434bhp, 4.7 Litre V8 as used in the S. It is also fitted with a Canvas Roof, which in my opinion looks great. The American Variant of this car isn't called the GranCabrio, more or less, it's called the GranTurismo Convertible. The GranCabrio is the slowest accelerating of the GranTurismo/Cabrio Range, with a 0-60 time of 5.2 seconds. The S Automatic it's based on does it in 0.3 seconds less. It also has the Slowest speed of the range, of just 177mph, 7mph Slower than the S Auto. This GranCabrio was parked up at a Multistorey Car Park in the middle of Town. The Same Level, also had an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage. One of the Good Hotspots for the city! Anyway, hope you enjoy the video Please Feel Free to Leave a Comment ~GTRJacko Song Name: Midnight Club II Menu Soundtrack Shot at HD 720p and 14Mp, Uploaded at Full HD 1080p Come, see and join my Partner MrRod787's Website here: Come and Join York's No.1 Exotic Spotter's Facebook group here to get updated with all the latest News from GTRJacko: Visit mine and jordanclarkson2010's website here: Take a Look at ...

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