Video - 2012 "Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport" (New Pics) 1080p FullHD

Videa Maserati GranCabrio 2012 "Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport" (New Pics) 1080p FullHD

2012 "Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport" (New Pics) 1080p FullHD

An under 1 minute slideshow of the published "Maserati Gran Carbio Sport", coming in 2012. You can read the most important facts below. Enjoy the slideshow! Engine: 4,7 litre V8 Power: 450 hp 0-100km/h(0-62mp/h): 5,2 sec Topspeed: 285 km/h (177mp/h) Torque: 510Nm @ 4750rpm Max. rev: 7200rpm Weight: 1887kg Please pardon possibly missing information. For more images and facts visit The music is "nel silenzio" by "Falsorigo". Found, as usual, on If you are expecting a video with "Start-up, revving, acceleration, downshift sound", guess what my channel-name may mean before you press the video link and directly the dislike button! ;) Thanks to the team! Support the bidders of free images, music etc. on the internet! For the opening of the channel I will begin with car-updates which came up since April. More information to the slideshow and the music on my channel. I am not a partner of any websites mentioned above and it is not my intention to make any profit with my videos.

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