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Videa Maserati Quattroporte 2007 Carbon Black Maserati Quattroporte A2492

2007 Carbon Black Maserati Quattroporte A2492

The trident may bring to mind mythological stories involving Neptune, wielding his weapon of choice in battles against daunting foes. These images are likely quite spectacular, perhaps all on account of that trademark trident. There's another image that may come to your mind, however, when you think of the trident. Perhaps its the front of a world class luxury automobile, one designed with grace and elegance. Yes, the logo that outfits the front of each beautifully crafted Maserati. Surely, you are ready to get behind the wheel of your new Carbon Black 2007 Maserati Quattroporte- with the updated FULL automatic transmission. The performance-oriented Italian luxury brand is known for making remarkable cars for a very good reason. They created a car, the Quattroporte, that's as close as you can get to owning a Ferrari sedan. With its outstanding features from the navigational unit to its roaring V8 engine, its easy to see why Maserati is the company to beat. Let's see what else your new car has to offer. EXTERIOR: This outstandingly stylish sport sedan is covered in a very desirous coat of CARBON BLACK paint. As you will see in the several provided pictures, there is an excellent sparkle that makes this color stand out from your typical shade of gray. As the sister company to Ferrari, Maserati has borrowed a very powerful 4.2L 400 horsepower Ferrari V8 engine into its great chassis, allowing the car to reach 60 MPH is around 5 seconds! That's fast. With the six-speed ...

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