Maserati Sebring Series II, 2. generace

Modely Maserati Sebring 2 Series II

Maserati Sebring Series II 2

Rok výroby 1965 - 1969

Model: Sebring (1962 - 1969)

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In 1965, the modified Series II (Tipo AM 101/10) was introduced. It had lightly redesigned headlamps, modernized bumpers, new turn signals in front, and new side grilles replacing the lower extraction vents used hitherto. It took minor design cues from the contemporary Quattroporte. At the rear, aside from the squared off bumpers, the taillights were now mounted horizontally rather than vertically and the bootlid opening was narrowed somewhat. The Series II rode on larger 205x15 Pirelli Cinturatos. A run of 245 units was made from 1964 until 1968. Along with the 3500 engine (although only two of these were built, both in 1965) the 3700 with a lengthened stroke enlarging its engine to 3,694 cc (245 cubic inches) and the even larger 4000 were added.

The 4000 GTiS has a 4,012 cc engine producing 255 PS (188 kW) at 5,200 rpm. It remained in production until 1968, when financial constraints forced Maserati to drop its older models from production. No major updates took place over the last three years of production, except for a slight power gain for the 4000, now up to 265 PS (195 kW). 348 units of Sebring 3.5 and 245 of 3.7 and 4.0 (combined) were made, for a total of 593 units from 1962 to 1969.

Jeremy Clarkson named the Sebring as #77 on his Top 100 Cars list.

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1965 Maserati Sebring Series II
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