Maserati Merak 2000 GT

Maserati Merak 2000 GT

Model: Merak (1972 - 1983)

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In 1977 at the Turin Auto Show De Tomaso launched the Merak 2000 GT (Tipo AM122/D), basically a Merak with a smaller two-litre powerplant. It was built almost exclusively for the Italian market, where a newly introduced law strongly penalized cars with engine capacity over 2000 cc by subjecting them to a 38% Value Added Tax against the usual 19% VAT. The Merak's competitors already offered similar two-litre models, specifically the Urraco P200 and Dino 208 GT4. The Merak 2000 GT featured a 1,999 cc (122.0 cu in) engine generating 170 PS (125 kW; 168 hp) at 7000 rpm and 19 kg·m (186 N·m; 137 lb·ft) at 4000 rpm, obtained de-stroking and de-boring the V6 to 80x66.3 mm. Colour choice was limited to two shades: metallic light blue or gold. The two-litre cars were also distinguished by a black tape stripe running just below the mid-body character line, matte black bumpers in place of the usual chrome and the absence of the front spoiler, available as an optional. The SS's front bonnet with the grille between the headlights was used on 2000 GTs. When production ended in 1983 just 200 Meraks 2000 GT had been made.

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